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Cyber Security Resources 2017

Education on  Phishing, Shadow IT, Digital footprint & Human Firewall risks


2015 IBM  data breah report, become a human firewall, data loss prevention

2015 IBM Data Breach Report

This study illuminates just how costly data breaches are accross the country, breaking down by industry and size of organizations. Read the report and strengthen your human firewall

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kaspersky cyber crime, social engineering, cyber security audit, phishing scams

Kaspersky Labs: The Lure of Cybercrime

102,100 Internet users around the world were subjected to phishing attacks daily.

Learn the simple steps you can take to prevent your employees from getting phished.

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2017 Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report

Cisco Released their 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report which features many trends in the industry based on extensive case studies and surveys.

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SMB guide to cyber security, cyber security 101, phishing examples

SMB Guide to Cybersecurity

60 percent of SMBs that are breached go out of business within six months!

This guide illuminates all the risks small businesses face and the catestrophic effects a breach can have on their bottom line. Read about Malvertising

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securable.io phishing quiz

Take Our Phishing Quiz

An extremely valuable resource to test your knowledge of cybersecurity.

You can also send this to your employees to test their current knowlege to see if you need to prioritorize security in their training.

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digital fooprint analysis | social engineering | data loss prevention technology

Free Digital Footprint  Analysis

We scan for additional private information like customer lists, server passwords and many more exposure points that hackers seek. 

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securable data breach cyber security calculator, data loss prevention

Securable Data Breach Cost Calculator

Check out our calculator to get an estimate of how much a data breach could cost your company

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2016 Verizon cyber security data breach report, risk assesment, topics and software reviews

Verizon Databreach Report

95% of breaches, and 86% of incidents, are covered by just nine patterns. Learn about these 9 patterns . 

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bromium understanding crypto ransomware tutorial, training, and topics

Bromium Crypto-Ransomware Report

Crypto-Ransomware can encrypt files, locking them from user access, until a ransom is paid.

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2018 symantec malware and cyber security threats, training, audit and services

Symantec Malware Threats Report

Website Anti-Malware Scanning and Other Best Practices to Show Customers That Your Website Is Safe

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malvertising and ransomeware infographic securable.io

Malwarebytes Malvertising Infographic

Malvertising is the use of malicious advertisements to distribute malware.  This infographic highlights several facts on the topic.

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DLP platform,  shadow IT, data loss prevention

Seige Secure Presentation on Shadow IT

Shadow IT doesn't have to be Shady.  This presentation highlights several steps to understanding and controling Shadow IT.

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Ernst & Young  Cybersecurity IoT, attacks, training, risk assessment

EY: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Ernst & Young report primarily focusing on cybersecurity in conjunction with the Internet of Things.  Click link below to read.

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data loss prevention software, social engineering software review 2017

Accenture Shadow IT White Paper

Today it’s easier than ever for business units to bypass IT procurement to get the solutions and services they need.

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DLP platform, Shadow IT

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Read Symantec's internet security report from april 21st 2016.

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2017 ponemon cost of cybersecurity data breach report , data loss prevention.

2015 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Study

Read Symantec's internet security report from april 21st 2016.

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2018 Shadow IT report,  Data loss prevention review, dlp solutions

McAfee Hidden Truth Behind Shadow IT

McAfee's study regarding unsanctioned SaaS applications in the workplace reveals the facts about the dangers of shadow IT.

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HBR: Why Boards Aren't dealing with cyberthreats

Companies often identify cyberthreats as a large problem.  However, they admit they are not doing enough to combat them.  Read the analysis from Harvard Business Review.

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