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Securable.io Pricing

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We offer affordable pricing for businesses of every size.   We are passionate about helping you build your Human Firewall.   Pricing is per user per month**.



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  • Everything in Perimiter
  • SaaS Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • API Access
  • Expansive Modules
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**Pricing is for companies with 100-250 employees.  For larger companies volume discounts are available.




“Securable.io has been a huge help for me and my time. We never knew how many vulnerability points we had using so many SaaS services to run our business.  Now, we are much more protected but spend a fraction of the time focusing on cybersecurity”

- N.D Jones


Common Securable.io Questions

How does Securable IO help mitigate our security risks?
We deliver actionable insights from a single easily digestible dashboard that can be set up in minutes.  This dashboard monitors risks based on your People and your Systems, which account for most of the threats to your cybersecurity environment

What is a Securable Score?
It's a simple score that you can check in on daily that scores against your open or existing vulnerability threats.  Think of it like a credit monitoring score.  We also provide real-time monitoring in the form of alerts and notifications to make you aware of any changes to your cyber environment.

What happens if we use a tool or system that you don't currently support?
We support over 300 SaaS services and tools, however if you need protection against something we don't cover we will be glad to work with you to add your tool or system to our monitoring environment.

I have more questions…
We’d love to answer them. Contact our sales team.