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30% of Phishing Emails are Opened

Let's reduce the amount of cyber threats at your organization

Phishing costs $3.7M per year for organizations with over 10,000 employees

A report by Ponemon actualizes overlooked costs of phishing for a large organization including malware, credential compromises, and productivity losses.  Our software significantly reduces the majority of these costs.

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What is Phishing?

Phishing is the practice of using email to trick targets into giving up sensitive information.This sensitive information includes, but is not limited to, credit card information and passwords.

Despite being an old tactic, it still remains the most common cyber attack method due to its easiness to deploy and high success rates.  The amount of phishing attacks per year continue to grow at an estimated rate of 250% per year.

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Phishing Identification Tips

  • Check the email address the email came from.  It is seems suspicious, do not believe it.  If it seems legitimate, it is still not guaranteed.
  • Check the email from grammar and spelling.  These emails are often foreign cyber attacks which include errors that trusted companies would not.
  • Hover over links with your mouse but DO NOT click on the links.  Check the bottom of your browser to see where the link directs to determine whether the destination is correct.
  • Read to learn more about phishing and other topics on our blog



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