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Shadow IT Security Training

Posted by Keith Hannah on Feb 9, 2017 10:52:50 AM

Security Specialist

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Shadow IT is rapidly expanding due to the proliferation of cloud productivity solutions. Employees are empowered to be more efficient which has transformed new cloud technologies into the organization right under the eyes of the IT department. In most situations, there is not any nefarious intentions by the business group desiring to employ unauthorized technology and applications as-a-service into the organization. They're just attempting to be as productive as practical, and they regularly see IT as a detriment to forward progress. A study carried out by Frost & Sullivan discovered that more than eighty percent of survey respondents said they are using non-approved SaaS applications in their jobs. Another report found that just 8% of firms know the boundaries of Shadow IT. Without correct education and controls, users can accidentally broadcast and store delicate business information into the cloud without any company stakeholder knowing about it. 




Luckily, IT security groups can contain lots of the risk through a mixture of sound policies and technology steps that may also help them gain a measure of control. Good security practices start with education and then verifying the educational results. The days of the set and forget are over. IT Departments attitude should be "yes, we will help," but then share the risks to security and compliance. Once most users understand the damage that info leaks may cause to the company, they are more apt to embrace some basic protection and prevention practices. You will need to begin by providing necessary coaching and easy checklists that cover best practices. Education and verification are the most efficient way to boost info security. 

One approach that's gaining traction to reveal cloud activity is Securable.Io Perimeter Shadow IT monitoring & control system, which is apart of their Human Firewall total solution . 

In conclusion, the two golden rules are Educating and then Monitoring company stakeholders.  These rules will transition the IT Computer department into a service-delivery organization that reduces the risks connected with shadow IT, consolidate cloud-based services, and shield your core business assets without regard for where they live.


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Keith Hannah

Written by Keith Hannah

Security Specialist