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Mal-advertising  What is it?

Posted by Stephen Abbey on Feb 13, 2017 9:01:00 AM

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In 2016, Google disabled more than 1.7 billion bad ads, that is triple the bad ads Google took down in 2015 according to Google. Malware ads are a subset of the 1.7 billion ads.

Advertising online is straightforward – Any Business can just enroll with a network and then bid in real-time to have their ads appear on favored websites.

Any would be cyber predator can place Malware advertisements with Ad networks that have lax security policies. It gets even more tough to spot Mal Ads when Ad sellers don't always know the purchasers. Ad sellers are always looking for buyers, and in an attempt to get new buyers they make the obstructions to become a customer easy which makes it very simple to get into the Malicious Ad software business. Hackers play bait and switch games with advertisement networks where they publish good ads for a bit, and then they begin to insert malignant ads.

Drive-by downloads occur all of the time. Fundamentally, an infected ad uses an iframe or invisible website page. Once you visit the web page, you have started the exploit process which downloads malware into your computer. So after you visit the website page, you are then redirected to an exploited lander page, and now the exploit installs the malware. Seventy (70%) percent of malicious software is some form of ransomware.

Educating your employees is critical to protecting data loss. The Securable Perimeter system teaches your employees by regularly testing and present challenged fake mal-Ads. Our educational methods are real-time and train your staff to become the best Human firewall. 70% of all cyber security risks are with your people.

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Stephen Abbey

Written by Stephen Abbey