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Headlines Highlighting the Dangers of Spear Phishing

Posted by Philip Adikes on May 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Business Development Associate, Securable.io

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Behold, the spear phish that just might be good enough to hook you

Spear phishing has been the method of attack for several high profile breaches including the Yahoo! And JPMorgan & Chase breaches. Carbanak, known as one of the world’s most renowned cybercriminal groups in the world, has created a spear phishing campaign that is almost impossible to distinguish from a safe email. Read more to learn about what is circulating around the web and how to defend yourself from it with cyber awareness training.  

How did Yahoo get breached? Employee got spear phished, FBI suggests

Remember hearing about the Yahoo data breaches last year? In March, the FBI arrested 4 men in connection with the breach, which resulted in more than 1.1 billion identities being stolen. Learn how the hackers did it with a step-by-step walk through of the breach and how they pulled it off. 


Find out about the impact that data driven cyber security can have on your organization. 

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Philip Adikes

Written by Philip Adikes

Business Development Associate, Securable.io