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3 Articles on the Importance of People In Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Posted by Matt Fay on May 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Cyber Awareness: Treat Cyber Security Like Drink Driving (Computer Business Review):
Security experts are starting to rethink their approach to cybersecurity. One researcher, David Emm of Kapersky Lab, shares why he thinks we need to start treating the topic more seriously. Emm discusses why carelessness on the computer should be considered the same as the carelessness of someone who gets behind the wheel intoxicated. 


How your company needs to train workers in cybersecurity: 
Companies in all indsutries are being asked to increase cybersecurity awareness within their organizations to prevent the possibility of a data breach . Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, talks about the importance of cyber security training and culture within organizations and the role they play in protecting against data breaches. 



Why Are People Part of the Cybersecurity Equation?:
Did you know that 95% of corporate data breaches occur due to some form of human error? Masha Sedova, of the National Association of Corporate Directors, explains why people are the most intergral piece of a company's strategy and how to put the material into practice.  Keeping on top of the cyber awareness training with your employees will greatly improve cyber security.


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Matt Fay

Written by Matt Fay

Senior Account Executive | Matt.fay@securable.io | 216.810.4962