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Cyber Awareness Training and Education in Healthcare

Posted by Philip Adikes on May 16, 2017 8:50:00 AM

Business Development Associate, Securable.io

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     Among all industries, healthcare tops the list as the largest victim of data breaches. Around 27% of all data breach crimes were targeted at healthcare organizations. The healthcare industry has become a primary target for cybercriminals. Hackers are aware that healthcare providers have valuable patient data, which is the driving force behind the increase in healthcare cyber attacks over recent years.  Healthcare providers need to start approaching their cybersecurity strategy with a proactive mindset, in order to protect their organization from a future cyberattack.

     Cybersecurity can sometimes sound like a confusing and unclear subject, but what many organizations don’t realize is that cybersecurity starts with user education. More than 70% of data breaches occur due to some form of human error. Providing employees with cyber awareness training will substantially lower the risk of your organization being breached. Today, organizations can provide training to their employees through cybersecurity education courses, controlled phishing, and maladvertising. Healthcare organizations should also stay up to date with employee digital footprints and “Shadow IT” to eliminate the risk of sensitive data being breached from the organization. Organizations should also be sure to regularly backup their data to an external server. Although it is impossible to rule out the possibility of a cyber breach, it is certainly possible to mitigate your risk through employee cyber awareness training and education.


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Philip Adikes

Written by Philip Adikes

Business Development Associate, Securable.io