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Why Cyber threats are impacting business financially and competitively. [What you can do about it] Security Infographic

Posted by Stephen Abbey on May 5, 2017 2:00:41 PM

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data driven cyber security education CBT

Why Cyber threats are now impacting most companies financially and their ability to compete. Boardrooms and C-level executives are starting to take cyber threats seriously and are in need of a cyber security bridge to change

  1. Data Evergreen - The explosive expansion of endpoint devices like mobile-optimized applications, operational technology ( OT ), Internet of Things ( IoT ), and cloud services adoption has more than tripled organizational complexity and risk.
  2. Ease of global Hacking.
  3. New governmental protection rules, regulations, and laws are reaching across geopolitical limits. 
  4. Cyber Security Job shortfall is growing every year
What to do: Cyber Secuirity bridge to change
  1. Implement data-driven cyber training education See How Securable Can Help >
  2. Backup data
  3. Stay current with software patches

New technology has been introduced to bridge cyber awareness CBT (computer based training) and UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics) together. This powerful connection gives business a robust cyber security bridge to change behaviors.  Security Infographic

Securable.io cyber threat infographic

Topics: General Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity ROI, Cybersecurity Education

Stephen Abbey

Written by Stephen Abbey