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Cyber Awareness Challenge Framework

Posted by Stephen Abbey on Jul 26, 2017 4:10:11 PM

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IT professionals and executives alike are never happy to hear about a security systems data breach. In fact, just the thought of a data breach can bring a headache to business owners. The largest threat that businesses face when it comes to cyber security  is the 'insider threat'. Organizations can mitigate their cyber risk through deploying a cyber awareness challenge program to educate their employees on relevant cyber awareness cources & topics. These awareness and training programs should include data and analytics so that weak points in the information systems network can be identified and dealt with. Having a cyber awareness challenge & training program will not only save organizations in the long run but also relieve the constant stress and anxiety that executive and IT professionals deal with when it comes to cyber security information systems.


Department of Defense employees information assurance security course certificate


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Securable has just released a NIST Department of defense compliant cyber awareness training evaluation framework. This is written for IT professionals, and executives to use for their organizations so that they can challenge where they currently stand in regards to cybersecurity and where they need to make improvements in awareness. 



WATCH: NIST Cyber Awareness Challenge Framework Explained





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Stephen Abbey

Written by Stephen Abbey