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Cyber Awareness Articles You Should Read on 2-Factor Authentication

Posted by Keith Hannah on May 11, 2017 12:50:59 PM

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Game of Thrones makes its stars two-factor their emails now:

With growing concerns about leaked scripts, the Game of Thrones cast has been pushed to use 2-Factor Authentication to mitigate the risk of their accounts being compromised. If their accounts are compromised, the hackers could gain access to shared materials including scripts and plot details. 2FA should help increase security, but it is not guaranteed. Read more about increasing your password security here.


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We Were Warned About Flaws in the Mobile Data Backbone for Years. Now 2FA Is Screwed: 

Financially motivated hackers are starting to use SS7 attacks to gain access to bank accounts. SS7 attacks rely on vulnerabilities in certain mobile data networks.  Hackers can often listen in on calls, intercept tests, and find device locations. This could be a problem as 2FA relies on mobile phones for their 2nd step verification.


Thieves drain 2fa-protected bank accounts by abusing SS7 routing protocol:

More than 800 telecommunications companies use Signalling System Number 7 which has recently been found vulnerable. These attacks have spread worldwide, as SS7 is used worldwide.  These attacks can be carried out in large quantities.


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 WATCH: What is 2-Factor Authentication 





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Keith Hannah

Written by Keith Hannah

Security Specialist