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Creating a Cyber Security Training Culture in the Workplace

Posted by Philip Adikes on Jul 28, 2017 1:58:34 PM

Business Development Associate, Securable.io

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In the last couple of years, we have seen several large data breaches make headlines. These breaches come from all different sizes and industries, but many have two things in common: they come from human error and they could have been avoided. To the general public it may seem as if these attacks come from weak network security which allowed someone to access an SQL server.The fault does not fall on systems administration. Hackers know that these attacks come from untrained imployees. Simple improvements in cyber security training can go a long way in protecting your employees from cyber attacks. A strong, security-oriented culture in the workplace can replace the need for security professionals with certification training. If every employee could contribute a little bit to threat identifiaction, the organization as a whole will have benefits similar to having internal security professionals. Culture changes can prevent embarassing press releases in the future regarding data breaches.

We have all encountered cyberthreats in many forms. Often we see a phishing email and think to ourselves "who would even fall for that?". Even though most people have the knowledge and skills to identify cyber attacks, the truth is that many people do fall for them and that is the reason phishing remains the most common cyber attack. Consider organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees. It is very likely that someone will fall victim to an attack at some point.

One recurring theme with breaches is that they are often not discovered until months later. Oftentimes they go noticed, but not reported. This is largely due to the embarassment that comes along with being the victim of an attack. Part of information security and cybersecurity training is quick reporting to prevent damages from spreading. One large step towards a successful cybersecurity culture is getting in the routine of communication. If employees spot a phishing attack, encourage them to point them out and be vocal about them. This way, when an attack is identified by one employee it will become general knowledge by communication. If someone identifies an attack and tells nobody, it does not benefit anyone else. With increased communication, employees who aren't as able to identify attacks will pick up on commonalities in attacks and sharpen their identification skills. Let employees be the main form of threat detection in an organization. Train employees to make a habit out of asking the IT department for help when they have any doubt about an email's legitimacy. This behavior is will greatly improve system security and should be rewarded. Successful attacks may compromise your information or even control systems, which could be prevented with team training.

To most immediately increase an employee's ability to recognize attacks, organizations should consider security awareness training solutions to develop cybersecurity skills. For example, securable offers 200+ educational modules in their training platform that are very quick and effective in their training. They do not intrude in productivity and could potentially save millions in costs associated with data breaches. Training centers now live online, and yearly seminars with a speaker are no longer required. Requiring employees to allocate just a couple of minutes per month towards their cyber security training can definitely go a long way.

Increasing cyber defense through online training can contribute greatly towards risk management in an organization. Cyebrcrime is often identified as a leader in risk, and human error is identified as the largest culprit of successful cyberthreats, so human error is a large contributor to risk in an organization. To boost risk management efforts in the workplace, organizations need to invest in their people through online training. Many times management invests in network security as an attempt to simply purchase protection. While they seek fast solutions, the proper solution takes time through education and training of employees. These investments will decrease potential loss in event of an attack and pay for themselves many times over. In order to adequately invest in the employees of an organization, management needs to make sure that the employees are willing to be trained in this manner. Assigning longand mandatory security certification exam may not be perceived well by most employees. Many may be reluctant to implement any training at all, thinking they do not need it. It may require an external penetration test in order to convince management that there are great holes and vulnerabilities. A hiring ethical hackers to perform a penetration test will very clearly provide threat detection for an organization and make recommendations moving forward. Cyber defense is built off of education and training which contribute towards a strong cybersecurity culture.

While security awareness training solutions are very effective, there is a lot that managers can do to increase awareness without making any monetary investment at all. There is no need to hire someone ethical hackers with cyber security certifications or a CEH certification or other types of system security experts. As mentioned above, conversation can go a long way, and managers can spark the conversation by attaching quick tips on internal emails. These tips can include any aspect of cybersecurity training., from passwords to public wifi usage. There are several free resources online regarding implementable tips. There are many free phishing quizzes online. One could be emailed out with a small prize for whoever scores the highest. Making security a fun daily topic will get employees in the proper mindset


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All in all, team training for your employees can work wonders when it comes to information security. Employees do not need the degree programs or advanced security certifications to contribute to overall protection from cyber attacks. The main goal in establishing a cybersecurity culture in the workplace is to avoid cyberthreats. Employee training is now easier than ever with online training solutions that function as a training center for your organization to develop their cybersecurity skills. By developing the proper knowledge and skills, data protection can increase drastically. To assess current vulnerabilities, consider contracting a penetration test to see the strength of your organization. Open communication and a strong culture based around security programs plays a large role in organizational security management.


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Philip Adikes

Written by Philip Adikes

Business Development Associate, Securable.io