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Data Driven Cybersecurity Education

Mitigate your largest cybersecurity risk through continuous education of your employees.

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Deploy User Optimized Training


Securable.io creates unique cyber security behavior profiles for every employee, serving the right education to the right employee at the right time.

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Analytics Features



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Data is collected on evey user to assess cyber awareness and identify vulnerabilities. 

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Progress and exposure to vulnerabilities are easy to track and visualize on dashboard. 

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Remediation includes industry compliance like HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, and PCI 

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Why Securable?

The human element in your organization cannot be ignored when it comes to cyber security training!

  • People are 70% of your cyber security risk

Not all employees require the same cyber awareness training curriculum

  • Securable.io tailors  learning plan per every employee based on their behavior profile

Phishing campaigns are not enough to develop employee cyber awareness

  • Securable.io gathers personalized data and educates holistically

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  • Individualized Employee Training based on User Behavior Analytics.
  • Machine Learning Engine adapts education to employee behavior over time.
  • 30 Educational Modules
  • 10 Standard Data Integrations
  • Phishing Module with over 100 Templates
  • Darkweb Monitoring Module
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  • All Features of Securable Basic
  • 300+ Educational Modules
  • 300+ Data Integrations
  • SaaS Application Tracking
  • Malicious Advertising Module
  • Customer-specific content, branding and customization
  • API Access
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Love the power to track progress and particular like the “four quadrants I am confident our people are becoming the best cyber security human firewalls day in and day out.



T.S VP of IT /Information Security Officer

This is a great service. Thank you. It has saved me countless hours.



D.C Vice President IT,CISA

We have been using Securable.io for a while now and we are very happy with the value. We like the new features that you have added to the Shadow IT QUADRANT.



S.A. Vice President, Information Technology