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Digital Footprint

digital footprint cybersecurity protection

Over 2 Billion accounts have been breached in 2016

  • Reference all company accounts against exploited databases
  • Alert / Confirm on new data leakage
  • Scoring and Trending to limit your public breach exposure to Ransomware.
  • Get your Digital Footprint


phishing cybersecurity protection

30% of Exploits come from Phishing

  • Continuous Automated Social Engineering Testing
  • Immediate Remediation via Education Info Security Awareness Testing
  • Scoring to gauge company resistance to Attacks
  • Read more about Social Engineering
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malvertising cybersecurity protection

A Hidden Danger 

  • Proprietary System to continuously inject malicious ads into web visits
  • Immediate Automated Remediation via Info Security Testing
  • Ability to turn off many internet ads automatically via Ad-Blocking.
  • Instant Company Scoring to view trending.
  • Learn More about Malvertising

Shadow IT

shadow it cybersecurity protection

Limit Exposure to Unauthorized Applications

  • Immediate detection of all applications your company is accessing.
  • Ability to turn on/off access to apps via the click of a button.
  • Offensive Info Security; View and score access on a continual basis.
  • Shadow IT article
  • Learn More about Shadow IT

Love the power to track progress and particular like the “four quadrants I am confident our people are becoming the best cyber security human firewalls day in and day out.



T.S VP of IT /Information Security Officer

This is a great service. Thank you. It has saved me countless hours.



D.C Vice President IT,CISA

We have been using Securable.io for a while now and we are very happy with the value. We like the new features that you have added to the Shadow IT QUADRANT.



S.A. Vice President, Information Technology


We offer affordable pricing for businesses of every size.   We are passionate about helping you build your Human Firewall.   Pricing is per user per month**.



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  • Everything in Perimiter
  • SaaS Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • API Access
  • Expansive Modules
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**Pricing is for companies with 100-250 employees.  For larger companies volume discounts are available.